What is a ‘Green Job’ ?

energy transition from fossil fuel to green energy

We define the term green job to signify employment in an activity that directly contributes to – or indirectly supports – the achievement of society’s net zero emissions target and other environmental goals, such as nature restoration and mitigation against climate risks.

When broken down further, the impact of green jobs is more complex. We must consider:

  1. Sunset roles, which are current jobs likely to disappear entirely
  2. Emerging roles which do not currently exist
  3. Transformed roles, which will use current skills in new ways.

The challenge of transitioning to green jobs is equally significant at the sectoral and regional levels, as not all sectors will be impacted in the same way or at the same time

What is the ‘Just Transition’ ?

The just transition is a term coined during the 1980s as a part of the wider conversation surrounding green jobs. Green jobs are directly or indirectly linked to environmental goals, including climate change mitigation. The just transition focuses on ensuring that the transition to a green economy is fair and just, leaving nobody behind.

In 2020, fourteen governments, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United States, signed COP26’s Just Transition Declaration. In doing so, they pledged to:

  • Help workers transition to new jobs.
  • Support and promote social dialogue and stakeholder engagement.
  • Develop economic strategies which include wider economic and industrial backing beyond clean energy.
  • Promote local, inclusive, and decent work
  • Prioritise human rights in global supply chains and the importance of building climate resilience.

What is the Green Jobs Foundation ?

The Green Jobs Foundation is dedicated to spreading and deepening knowledge of green jobs across our society, from current and future professionals to stakeholders from governments businesses, and other NGOs. Through our collaborative and educative approach, we will tackle the growing employment risks arising from climate change, and contribute to a more equitable and prosperous future.

Our vision is to improve the lives of millions of workers via the 4Rs: Access to the RIGHT Jobs, Using the RIGHT Skills, In the RIGHT Place, At the RIGHT Time

Our purpose is to mitigate employment risk caused by climate change by raising awareness of and access to green jobs. We deliver this through best practice guides, webinars and in-person events, all cross referenced with leading research, policy, and advocacy.